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NIMD educates the educated, darkens the enlightened, fosters degeneracy, cognitive promiscuity and mental decay, never underestimating the stupidity of the average American!

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to re-elect Obama?

The study was published in the November issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry claims that smoking pot shrinks the brain!?

Marijuana use can lead to a loss of brain volume in individuals who are at risk of developing schizophrenia, new research shows.

It just might be the biggest secret on Obama’s presidency and a key to his re-election!

"It is now accepted by most psychiatrists that smoking cannabis increases an individual's risk of psychosis, and more specifically schizophrenia," lead author Killian A. Welch, MD, from the University of Edinburgh, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, United Kingdom, told Medscape Medical News.

The secret of Obama’s Presidency is in his electorate--natural schizophrenics, potheads, and pot-induced schizophrenics with shrinking brains.

With our economy in the state it is in, with highest unemployment in decades, Obama has only one hope of being re-elected—mandatory marijuana ingestion and/or inhalation.

It’s rumored that  Democratic National Committee is considering infusing marijuana into drinking water in key red states.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Malibu Water Conservation (WC) Alliance Urges the City of Malibu to Act Immediately!

The average person flushes 18.5 gallons of water a day down the toilet, but only uses 11.56 in the shower. And it's all drinking quality!

So, there are a couple of easy ways to cut your water consumption by thousands of gallons a year, and the first is to follow the 60s axiom "If it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down."

If you live alone, you certainly don't have any excuses, but even partners, spouses and roommates can be trained to accept, and even embrace, this rustic practice.

Of course, the brown/down part of the equation requires some water, but why use the perfect Malibu drinking water that's piped into the crapper?

Residents of Malibu and visitors to the city blessed with massive, toilet clogging brown/down are well advised to carry a knife and fork set to cut their copious excrement into sections so it wouldn't clog up the pipes on the way down, thus eliminating repeated over flashing as well as clogging and overflowing.

If two people normally flush 37 gallons a day, over a month we save 1,110 gallons of water, or 13,320 gallons a year. If all residents of Mlaibu could wean themselves off "fresh" flushes, it would save 160 million gallons of water a year!

But heed the advice of one who's been doing this for a while. There will be "mellow" smells, so put a box of baking soda in the bathroom and give a sprinkle every now and then, post bucket flush. That'll help.

Don't forget to be mellow when you're out in public too: just imagine the thousands of gallons a day that get flushed at a full bar or busy restaurant, as patrons line up, hour upon hour, to use the facilities.

The Malibu City Council should immediately pass ordinances promoting the sink-pee (male-specific for bowl-only lavs), piss in the sink (cupping your jewels, boys) and rinse with a fraction the water the bowl uses.

City of Malibu should also make the plastic  "knife & fork" kits available at all public restrooms in the City.

Naturally, the Malibu WC Alliance urges the City of Malibu and its esteemed  City Council to immediately adopt and embrace "If Its Yellow Let It Mellow, If Its Brown Flush it Down" with "Knife & Fork" policy.

For the ignorant ones, City of Malibu might want to sell "fresh flush" transferable coupons - a noble revenue generating and water saving measure.

We further urge the City of Malibu to introduce severe fines for unnecessary flushing of urine and for negligent overflowing of toilets with copious uncut excrement!

The drinking water you save may be your own...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Environmental Impact of Dihydrogen Monoxide on Malibu’s new Legacy Park.

The City of Malibu, in a flagrant disregard for safety of Malibu residents and guest of the city, continues the construction of the Legacy Park.

The City of Malibu is ignoring the threat of Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) and its negative impact to the environment

Among the many commonly-sited by scientists DHMO-related environmental impacts are:

  • DHMO contributes to global warming and the "Greenhouse Effect", and is one of the so-called "greenhouse gasses."
  • DHMO is an "enabling component" of acid rain -- in the absence of sufficient quantities of DHMO; acid rain is not a problem.
  • DHMO is a causative agent in most instances of soil erosion -- sufficiently high levels of DHMO exacerbate the negative effects of soil erosion.
  • DHMO is present in high levels nearly every creek, stream, pond, river, lake and reservoir in the U.S. and around world.
  • Measurable levels of DHMO have been verified in ice samples taken from both the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps.
  • Recent massive DHMO exposures have led to the loss of life and destruction of property in California, the Mid-West, the Philippines, and a number of islands in the Caribbean, to name just a few.
  • Research has shown that significant levels of DHMO were found in the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 which killed 230,000 in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia and elsewhere, making it the deadliest tsunami in recorded history.
  • It is widely believed that the levee failures, flooding and the widespread destruction resulting from Hurricane Katrina along the U.S. Gulf Coast in 2005 were caused or exacerbated by excessive DHMO levels found in the Gulf of Mexico, along with other contributing factors.
Fortunately for the City of Malibu, the U.S. government refuses to ban the production, distribution, and use of DHMO. This inaction may be due to pressures from private interests and corporate-sponsored economists, among many, who predict a DHMO ban, could produce disastrous results. Claims include damage to public health and the well-being of the U.S. and world economies.
Fortunately for the residents of Malibu and visitors to the City, some industry and governmental leaders are taking the initiative to inform and educate their employees in spite of what the U.S. government's official policy may be. Major employers, such as Sandia National Laboratories, a national security laboratory operated by the Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Co., for the U.S. Department of Energy, have begun notifying their workers of the DHMO issue. With efforts such as those at Sandia, the proliferation of DHMO may one day be minimized.
City of Malibu is pretending to be unaware of the causative link between Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) and Cancer is currently not established, although a significant amount of evidence seems to suggest that DHMO at least plays a role in the formation of cancer, including:
  • Hodgkin's Lymphoma,
  • Ewing's Tumor,
  • chondrosarcoma,
  • fibrosarcoma,
  • multiple myeloma,
  • colorectal cancer,
  • Leukemia,
  • basal cell carcinoma,
  • squamous cell carcinoma, and
  • malignant melanoma
What is known about these cancers is that Dihydrogen Monoxide is found in detectable and biologically significant levels in virtually all tumors and other cancerous and pre-cancerous growths. 
Dihydrogen Monoxide is not believed to be carcinogenic, although it is known to be a component of a number of cancer-causing agents. Additionally, the cause of approximately 20 percent of all cancers is not known, and there is reason to suspect that DHMO may play some role in these as well. Clearly, more research is needed before DHMO's role is fully enumerated. 
To find out more about cancer research, we suggest visiting these web sites:
Current allegations suggest that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may be conspiring to cover up the whole DHMO issue. Attempts by DHMO researchers to elicit comment from the EPA regarding the possible cover-up were either ignored or dodged, leading researchers to infer the alleged cover-up. Incredibly, the EPA then attempted to divert attention from the real issue onto talk of the aesthetics and layout of the EAC's DMRD web site!


In spite of a direct query for information, the City of Malibu and EPA refused to deny the existence of a cover-up. The researcher, who reported to us under conditions of anonymity, sent correspondence asking if the City of Malibu and EPA know more about Dihydrogen Monoxide than it is telling us.
At least the EPA, had the decency to come up with a strongly worded reply, the EPA did seemingly go on the offensive with statements such as:
  • "The Agency would like to ask you to remove [certain information].",
  • "The point is, if your visitors are in any way led to the impression that EPA is endorsing your site, that is not good for either of us.",
  • "I hope you see our point of view",
  • "We take our mission of protecting the environment seriously", and
  • "We consider this a serious matter and would appreciate your help."
City of Malibu remains mute on the subject!?

The wording of the EPA's correspondence and the silence of the City of Malibu on this issue is hardly appropriate from a taxpayer-funded agency of the United States government and a famous municipality!?
At least the EPA admits to the benefits of freely distributing information to the public on DHMO, they stop short of admitting to a cover-up. Perhaps there really is no cover-up. 
Or maybe the EPA's and the City of Malibu’s silence confirms its existence. It is clear that neither the EPA nor the City of Malibu is putting any effort into educating the public about the dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide and its environmental impact on the Legacy Park.
It is also clear that the truth may forever be obscured, so for now the reader is left to reach his or her own conclusions regarding the possible conspiracy at the EPA and at the City of Malibu to cover-up the DHMO issue,.
In the mean time, residents of Malibu are encouraged to contact their respective City of Malibu Council member to demand answers and accountability?
We gripe, you decide!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

San Francisco to Liberate Sex Care Providers!

SAN FRANCISCO (Oct. 21) - "San Francisco could become the first major U.S. city to decriminalize prostitution (abridged) if voters approve Proposition K on Election Day.

The ballot question technically would not legalize prostitution since state law still prohibits it, but the measure would eliminate the power of local law enforcement officials to go after prostitutes.

Even in tolerant San Francisco — where the sadomasochism fair draws thousands of tourists and a pornographic video company is housed in a former armory, Proposition K has been endorsed by the local Democratic Party.

If the measure passes, supporters say, prostitutes would not feel the need for pimps as protection. But opponents insist it would embolden pimps who trap drug addicts into prostitution by plying them with drugs"

In a long-awaited move the City of San Francisco (SF) will liberate the Misters and Mistresses of Body & Sole from the cruel bonds of oppression imposed by civilized society!

I hope and pray that SF will take the next step and organize the individual sex care providers into a Managed Sex Care (MSC) Plan.

Under this plan every resident of SF will pay a reasonable monthly fee for membership. and will use the services of the plan when necessary.

And yes, every member of the MSC Plan will have to see his/her primary whore provider to obtain services and referral to a whore specialist.

All services, determinations of sex necessity and specialist referrals are subject to final approval by the MSC Plan Utilization Manager, formerly known as Pimp.

And for the "affluently kinky" ones in SF, your neighborhood Pimp can also arrange for "out-of-network", as well as experimental and investigational services!

We opine you decay!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FREE Mental Decay Index (MDI)

The ratio of your individual IQ score to that (IQ) score of your, randomly selected, friends, relatives, colleagues and your local law enforcement officers determines your Mental Decay Index (MDI).

It's important to establish a base-line MDI value. It will allow you and yours to follow your mental decay and correlate with your personal degradation.

There are numerous IQ test on the market, but we prefer that you use our IQ test that allows for variables such as inbreeding.
Our test consists of about 17 questions we would like you to answer (without cheating or polling your household) in no more that 30 minutes:
1) Your Aunt is in a coma in a local rest home; You;
a. Visit her three times a week and read the paper to her
b. Steal her Fentanyl patches
c. Let your friends have sex with her for a nominal fee
d. Empty her checking account
2) A Jehovah’s Witness comes to your house during the last ten minutes of a close Super Bowl Game. You;
a) Invite him in for some salsa and dip
b) Ask him how he could worship a God who would crucify his only son
c) Kick him in his narrow little ass
d) Join up
3) You have a bumper sticker on your car that says “God is my co-pilot. If you and God crashed your plane in the Andes you would;
a) Trust that HE would provide for you both
b) Try to fix the radio and call for help
c) Melt snow for drinking water
d) Eat God
4) You think that all members of Congress are;
a) Faithful representatives of the people who elect them
b) Slaves of special interest groups
c) One level above child molesters
d) One level below child molesters
5) Your favorite author among following is
a) Ernest Hemingway
b) Hugh Hefner
c) Rush Limbaugh
d) You can’t read
6) Your favorite adult beverage is
a) Beer/Wine
b) Hard liquor
c) Human blood/bodily fluids
d) Sterno
7) If you found a large bag of unmarked bills you would
a) Turn it in to the police
b) Keep it and tell your wife/husband
c) Keep it and DO NOT tell your wife/husband
d) Keep it
8) Your favorite movie among the following would be
a) Debbie Does Dallas
b) Deepthroat
c) The Devil in Miss Jones
d) The Ten Commandments
9) Your ideal sexual partner would be
a) Attractive, intelligent and warm
b) Attractive, dumb as a post and warm
c) Turns into everything pizza at 2.30AM
d) Breathing
10) You believe that anyone who takes an Erectile Dysfunction medication like Viagra who experiences “an erection lasting more than four hours” should;
a) Call their doctor
b) Call for more women
c) Call for more men
d) Call Foz News & your bowling buddies
11) You are going to vote for Obama in 2008. Does that make you a:
a) Republican
b) Democrat
c) Resident of Louisiana
d) Ignorant & Stupid
12) You believe that our future is not the same it used to be, but most of it still lies ahead. Does that make you a:
a) Historian
b) Futurist
c) Old fart and or a Moron
d) Obama Supporter
13. Do you believe that democrasy is the dictatorship by Democrats?
a) Yes
b) No
c) I don't know
d) I don't remember
14. You go to family reunions to get laid. Do you consider yourself:
a) Suffering from strangers anxiety
b) From the South
c) A redneck
d) A Republican for Obama
When completed, please send your answers to: with basic info about yourself (so we can select a representative sample), and your contact e-mail. We will get back to you during the business hours.Dr. UP & 7 Peppers.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Russians in control of US Genome!

For "only" $1,000. web-based start up “23andMe” offers a person an “unguided” tour of genealogy offering predictions of its genetic future as well as its ancestral past.

Similarly, "Navigenics" will match your genes to current medical research calculating your risk for a number of diseases.

“23andMe” was funded personally by the co-founder of Google and a Russian National Sergei Brin (later repaid by Google!?) who's also married to the co-founder of 23andMe Anne Wojcick.

Russian Government and its proxy--Google's investment is driven by their desire to obtain, control, and sell valuable information on all Americans without our knowledge and/or consent.

Additional funding of gene testing is provided by trial lawyers who gain new areas of litigation.

Given that the vast majority of physicians are currently untrained for genomic medicine and are ill equipped to assist patients leading to successful claims of medical malpractice.

Issues of genomic information ownership and release create another fertile ground for litigation. Who owns the genomic test results? Is it the patient, testing lab, Google, patient employer, insurance company, lending institution, state and/or federal government?

Fortunately for the genomic industry, Food & Drug Administration which strictly regulates diagnostic testing for diseases, has been “slow to respond” to Google's practice of medicine in California without a license?

An individual can finally make a quick life-changing decision (even deadly one) based on the results of a genetic test. Armed with individuals genomic information employers can deny employment and/or promotion'; insurance companies can and will deny coverage; banks will deny loans under the justification of unreasonable business risk.

Finally, Russian Government will ultimately own and/or have access to all the data in the newly formed National BioBanks allowing it to target any one form undesirable individuals all the way to entire segments of populations and/or localities!

On a personal note, children armed with genomic information can finally sue their parents and grandparents for "ancestry-choice" malpractice, non-disclosure and defects in design and manufacturing. Unfortunately, both of my parents are gone, or I would've had a hell of a claim!

We research, you decay!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Rat died in man's mouth--troubled elderly facility sued.

A lawsuit that claims a 90-year-old dementia patient was found alone in his room with a dead rat in his mouth generated angry denials Friday from the Mission Viejo elder care facility named as defendant.

Attorneys for PETA alleged that staff ignored vermin's needs and than failing to supervise the mentally incapacitated patient that caused rat’s cruel and unusual death in patient’s mouth.

"The defendants so literally ignored the needs of vermin as to allow mentally incapacitated patient to lodge a rat in his mouth and die therein from cruel suffocation'' the lawsuit read.

Officials with Sunwest Management, the Oregon firm that operates Paragon Gardens, issued a statement Friday denying the allegations.

The officials said the vermin in question was a field mouse and that it died in a glue trap, not in patient’s mouth. "The resident evidently picked up the glue trap and was found holding the trap in his hand," said the statement, which came from Sunwest's director of risk management, Steve Stradley, and it’s regional operations director, Randy Cyphers.

The officials said PETA attorneys,” are unfortunately trying to paint a bleak and untrue picture of the assisted living service profession in order to win cases in the court of public opinion."

The vermin lawsuit comes after a series of legal troubles for Paragon Gardens. In January, attorney Garcia filed a class action lawsuit against Sunwest, saying the company provided substandard care for vermin that failed to comply with state law.

Garcia also sued Paragon after another one of his client, a 71-year-old Alzheimer's patient, walked away from the facility accompanied by vermin last year and never was found.

State officials said they couldn't comment because they are in the middle of legal proceedings with Paragon and Sunwest, as well as two unnamed child care facilities similarly accused of cruelty to vermin.

We research, you decide!
Dr. UP & 7 Peppers.

Original story by Jenifer B. McKim, The Orange County Register.